African Grey Personal Insurance provides objective counsel and holistic approach to risk management that  includes comprehensive coverage to protect your life, family and personal possessions.

All Risks

This covers loss of or damage to the whole or part of the property while anywhere in the world by any accident or misfortune not other wise excluded.

This policy covers loss or damage to the property contained in buildings of standard construction, following forcible and violent entry or exit. It is most useful to to owners of shops, groceries, warehouses and other business premises where goods of any description are kept.

Family/ Personal Accident:
This covers bodily injury/ death resulting solely and directly from accident caused by outward violent and visible means to individuals or family members, which shall directly and independently of any other causes result within twelve calendar months in bodily injury/ death.

Professional Indemnity:
This will indemnify you (as the insured) against your legal liability for damages and claimants’s costs and expenses in respect of claims for breach of professional duty:

  • First made against you by reason of any neglect, error or omission
  • Occurring or committing in good faith and in connection with the conduct of
    the practice.

For risks that are not included here please refer to our other Brochures or talk to any of our friendly underwriters for tailor made risk proposals.

House Holders:
This covers loss or damage caused by theft to the household goods and personal effects of very description, the property of the insured or for which he/she is responsible or any member of the insured’s family normally residing with the insured and fixtures and fittings the insured’s own or for which the insured is legally responsible (not being landlord’s fixtures and fittings) in the buildings of the insured’s private residence constructed of brick, stone or concrete with slate, tile, concrete, asbestos or metal roofs, except as specially mentioned, and including the domestic offices, garages and out buildings.

Home Owners:
This covers loss or damage to private dwelling caused by and allied perils including house breaking or attempt thereat, theft and or loss of rent.

Motor Comprehensive:
This covers loss of or damage to your vehicle insured and/ or legal liability to third parties, for bodily injury, death and property damage. This includes protection and removal after accident, authority to repair damage to vehicle up to agreed limit, medical expenses etc.

Third Party Liability:
This covers any person but not the insured in cases where the insured causes an accident. The policy also covers injury, death or property damage to third parties.